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How to spot a genuine buyer

Have you been to an open for inspection recently?
In the current superheated market and with interest in real estate at an all-time high, a 30-minute open for inspection can see dozens of potential home buyers wander through a property.

So how do you know which of those people are genuinely interested in purchasing?

Here are some of the major telltale signs.
They’ve got finance
Former agent and now managing director of Parley Property Advisory, … Read the full post »

School catchment areas are important to home buyers!

Proximity to good schools is shaping up as an important issue for home buyers, and it’s a factor that can underpin the capital growth of a property even in slow market conditions.
Across the country, house hunters are selecting where to buy based on the schools their children can get in to. Seeing a house hunter carrying a school catchment map that indicates the cut-off points for school zones is … Read the full post »

Homebuyer confidence is on the rise!

Nearly 40 per cent of people believe now is a good time to buy property – up from just 25 per cent in 2010.

The Genworth Homebuyer Confidence Index, which polls sentiments about buying as well as mortgage stress, found a recent drop in people struggling to make repayments and an “increasing comfort with debt”.

Real estate listings typically increase in autumn, data from property website shows, in what could serve … Read the full post »

Autumn is the time to sell!

Australians love to talk property and it seems these are two of the biggest myths preventing consumers from entering the property market.

Property expert Margaret Lomas and have combined forces to debunk four common property market myths and provide the facts to help Australians successfully navigate the property market.

The other myths at the top of the list are that ‘First home buyers are being forced out of the market’ and … Read the full post »

What's your lawn worth to you?

Most Aussies want real grass in their backyard and are prepared to shell out an extra $75,000 for a lawn, according to a national survey of real estate agents.

The poll of agents by Turf Australia found in Sydney, where the average house costs $440,000, a lawn could add $83,000 to the price.

Meanwhile in Melbourne, buyers could pay almost $80,000 more on an average $420,000 home for a real patch of … Read the full post »

Bathroom Renovations, they add profit!

As one of the most utilised spaces in the home, the bathroom can usually benefit from a bit of TLC. By adding some appeal and improving functionality you’re set to gain in a big way. 

With daily showering, shaving and…shampooing, the bathroom is frequently in overdrive – it’s also prone to considerable wear and tear.

This is precisely why bathroom renovations are often in order prior to selling your home. Ensuring your … Read the full post »

Co- Ownership: Is it for you?

With the uncertainty surrounding European markets and what the RBA, and big banks for that matter, will do next, it seems property seekers are turning to friends and family to get a foot on the Australian property ladder.

More Australians are now combining funds in order to purchase a property, whether it be with a spouse, friend or family members.

So, would you go down the path of sharing a mortgage with … Read the full post »

Going Green

Whether you’re planning an extension or renovation, there are many things you can do to make your home more energy efficient. Optimising the use of natural energy sources is the goal and there is a host of simple design changes you can implement that will make your home more comfortable, reduce your energy bills and minimise greenhouse pollution.

1. Efficient design pays off
An efficiently designed house uses 60 per cent less … Read the full post »

The Generation Y guide to buying a home

They are often accused of wanting it all now, so how can members of Generation Y save a deposit for their first home?

Resi Mortgage Corporation chief executive Lisa Montgomery says with a plan of attack, it is possible.

Firstly, put aside the flash car, latest mod-cons and lavish trips overseas.

“If you are a first-home buyer and you are really serious about what you want to achieve financially, it’s best to take … Read the full post »

Generation Y Still Value Home Ownership

AUSTRALIA’S generation Ys are keen to enter the property market and don’t just want to spend their cash, a new survey has found.

The survey quizzed 1017 people and found among those intending to buy a property in the next two years, 78 per cent were aged 20 to 30, or in generation Y.

Thirty per cent of 20 to 30-year-olds considered property to be a good investment while more than … Read the full post »

Bank Boss Positive for Property Future

Westpac boss Gail Kelly says she has no concerns on the health of the Australian housing market, although she sees a period ahead when prices are likely to moderate.
“We are confident on the overall health of the housing market,” Mrs Kelly told the banks annual meeting. “We are not expecting significant falls in housing prices.”
Mrs Kelly said the Australian housing market retains robust fundamentals including solid demand and strong credit … Read the full post »

Tips for Renovating Your Investment Property

If done correctly, renovations can significantly increase a property’s value. But in order to reap the renovation rewards there are certain guidelines that should be adhered to and financial traps that must be avoided.

A Good renovation can help investors make their property stand out from the rest. A freshly spruced interior – or exterior – can do wonders for upping a property’s re-sale or rental value.

Be careful not to overspend

With … Read the full post »

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