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We are offering discounted property management fees of 5.5% flat fee including free advertising.

Call Brooke Fallins on 02 49657299 to discuss how to increase the value of your property today.

A free Rental appraisal takes 15 mins and can give you an updated price for your home or investment.

At Global we take managing your property extremely serious.

One of our main aim’s is to make sure that your property is increasing in value over time as well as ensuring your rent is paid to you fortnightly.

Your property is managed by senior experienced staff who understand how important your asset is.

We thoroughly investigate tenant applications consulting you along the way.

Your property is inspected 6 weeks after your tenant moves in & you are kept informed on a monthly basis.

We take over the stressful bits so you can enjoy the long term benefits of owning an investment property.

For further information just call Global on 02 49657299 today.


Now may be the best time to sell your home?

For your free market appraisal call Global Property on 02 49657299 to price your house.

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Global Property has offices located at Belmont Warners Bay Hamilton Wallsend in Newcastle & Lake Macquarie,

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