Property Staging and Presentation

Selling your home with a Real Estate agent, or planning to list soon, and not sure what you can do to help the sale?

The best place to start is to step out of your shoes and jump into a buyer’s, channel back to when you brought the property. Start with a list of all the pros and cons of your property; try to use this information to find out what kind of person would be best suited to your home.

For example, if you have a four bedroom, two storey home with a pool it certainly would not suit a sixty year old widow but it would suit a small family with two- three children. So once you have this information you’re more knowledgeable in the kind of buyers you’re opting to attract, so let’s start attracting them!

Property Staging and Presentation-

First impressions do count! You want a buyer to come into your home and see themselves there, picture there couch in that corner or there bed up against that wall etc. So begin by removing the clutter. A clean room with a lot of space and as little clutter as possible depersonalises the room and allows the buyers to really warm to the house.

Another important part of presentation is smell, using a spritz of air freshener sometimes just isn’t enough. Fill your home (be wary of over-filling!) with pleasant, welcoming odours a great way to do this may be baking a cake, buying some flowers or anything else creative you can think of.

Lastly, it’s very important to stick with your original list of pros and cons and your ideal buyer. What kind of furniture, design and style would the buyers you’re attempting to attract most likely like? Does your home portray this style? What can you do to make your home look like this? A few lights, lamps, rugs or a new couch can make a lot of difference!